All the performance. A fraction of the salary.

That’s what using Healthcare Virtual Assistants is all about.

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How will a trained healthcare virtual assistant work in my medical or dental office?

It’s almost always our clients’ first question.
Our answer? “Seamlessly.”
We hear this story all the time…
“Our in-house staff is overwhelmed by the volume of phone calls and drowning in insurance paperwork. We also have a major backlog with our billing and claims.”

“We need more help everywhere, but can’t find qualified staff that’s available at a reasonable price.”

“As the doctor, I am spending way too much of my valuable time, time that could be spent seeing more patients or with my family, keeping my EHR up to date.”

Sound familiar?

Adding qualified healthcare professionals to your staff is the solution, but hiring onsite staff is prohibitively expensive in the current economy…

For doctors, by doctors

Virtual Drs. Steven Kupferman, MD, DMD and Omid Shaye, MD founded MedVA after pioneering the use of healthcare Virtual Assistants to save money on staffing and improve patient care within their own thriving practices.

They have extensive expertise in using healthcare Virtual Assistants to seamlessly solve the administrative burden inherent in managing a healthcare practice, and they founded MedVA to help colleagues in the healthcare community experience the same results.

Dr. Steven Kupferman
Dr. Steven Kupferman
Dr. Omid Shaye
Dr. Omid Shaye

Our healthcare Assistants staff can solve your staffing problems for 1/3 of the cost!

Our hand-picked healthcare Virtual Assistants are all highly vetted healthcare professionals (mostly Registered Nurses) based in the Philippines, where English is the official language and the first language taught in school.

We provide them with a proprietary training course designed by our physician founders, who are experts in using healthcare Virtual Assistants to optimize practice management.

Our system thus provides your office with versatile talent that you can seamlessly train in your specific workflow.

Tasks our $10/hour healthcare Virtual Assistants successfully handle for our clients include:

  • Medical Reception (Answering the phones)
  • Appointment Scheduling and Confirmation
  • Insurance Benefits Verification and Prior Authorization
  • Receiving or Submitting Medical Records
  • Scribing and Transcription
  • Billing, Claims, Appeals and Collections
  • And much, much more! …if you can imagine it, your Virtual Healthcare Assistant can do it!
$10/Hour. No Contracts.

Our healthcare Virtual Assistants cost $10/hour with absolutely no hidden fees or setup costs. Our hassle-free, no-contract policy means you can cancel at any time. This eliminates risk to you and ensures our healthcare Virtual Assistants earn your business every day. The healthcare Virtual Assistants work your preferred hours.

Same Person, Everyday

You’ll work with the same highly vetted healthcare professional every day. Once you train your healthcare Virtual Assistant in their specific workflow and software (the same way you’d train an in-house employee) they are part of your daily team.

Secure & HIPAA Compliant

Our healthcare Virtual Assistants strictly adhere to IT security best-practices to ensure the safety of your Patient Health Information. Our IT team ensures their computer hardware and anti-virus software meet specifications. Our healthcare Virtual Assistants are trained for strict HIPAA compliance and have completed background checks during the vetting process.


We install on our healthcare Virtual Assistants’ computers a sophisticated time-tracking software that allows our internal staff to carefully monitor their web activity/mouse movement during work hours when they are “logged in” to ensure they are being productive. We can provide you with summary activity reports from the time tracking software should you desire.

Discover how our skilled healthcare Virtual Assistants can help your medical or dental practice grow

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