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The same Medical Virtual Assistant and Dental Virtual Assistant will work in your practice daily during your regular office hours or whatever hours you set.

All of our Medical and Dental Virtual Assistants have a background as healthcare professionals and come highly vetted. We also provide them with a foundational training program. These elements allow our clients to easily train the Medical Virtual Assistants and Dental Virtual Assistants in whatever specific tasks are needed.

A Medical or Dental Virtual Assistant can do (almost) anything your in-person employees do.

So you think you need people on site to do every job in your practice? Think again! The pandemic has taught us that nearly any administrative task can be done remotely!

Yes, some tasks like bringing a patient into the room or taking vitals require face-to-face interaction.

But everything else can be done virtually!

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How a Medical or Dental Virtual Assistant integrates into your practice

A Medical or Dental Virtual Assistant can:

There are only TWO differences between a Medical or Dental Virtual Assistant and your in-house staff:

  • Answer your phone lines and schedule appointments virtually, since their phone can be linked to your practice’s phone line.
  • Be trained to do nearly any job in your office, as long as it does not require face-to-face interaction with a patient.
  • Have full remote access to your computer system and Electronic Health Records so that they can upload documents, verify insurance benefits, conduct prior authorizations, and perform billing tasks just like an on-site employee.
They’re not sitting in your chairs
They’re paid about 70% less!
We started with two virtual assistants. Now we have four. They’re wonderful. They really significantly changed the efficiency of our practice. The patients are happier, and they definitely helped our bottom line.

A day in the life of working with a Medical or Dental Virtual Assistant

Employing a Medical or Dental Virtual Assistant is nearly identical to working with in-office employees, just more affordable. Here’s what a typical day of working with a Medical or Dental Virtual Assistant would look like:

The day likely starts with a morning check-in with you, your office manager or administrative lead to chat about tasks for the day.

Then, your Medical or Dental Virtual Assistant gets to work. They’re trained to complete their work independently – just like your current employees.

At the end of the day, the Medical or Dental Virtual Assistant’s tasks are completed and they log off, unless of course you need them to stay later. Their hours are your hours!