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Getting paid for your hard work is how your practice stays successful. For you to reap the rewards of your hard work caring for patients, you’ve got to have high-quality medical billers on your team. Unfortunately, hiring an in-person medical biller can be prohibitively expensive. That’s why more and more physicians’ offices are turning to medical billing VAs to help them run their practices. 

A medical billing virtual assistant from MedVa costs about 1/3 of the salary of an in-house employee – all while providing the professionalism and reliable service you need.

Tasks our Medical Billing Virtual Assistants successfully handle for our clients include:

    • Submitting claims to insurance companies 
    • Creating bills for patients 
    • Pre-authorizing procedures 
    • Answering patient questions about billing and insurance 
    • Keeping up with payments 
    • Sending payment reminders 
    • Working with patients on payment plans 
    • And more 

    Benefits of Virtual Medical Billing Assistants

    Saves You Money


    Saves You Time


    HIPAA Trained

    Work Your Time Zone

    Billing Made Easy

    Calling Services

    MedVA Support

    Serve Many Practices

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    Medical Billing Virtual Assistants

    More and more physicians’ offices are turning to medical billing virtual assistants to help them run their practices and save more money. 


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    Healthcare Virtual Billing Assistant FAQs

    Your Questions, Answered

    How would a healthcare billing virtual assistant work in my office?

    While your virtual medical billing specialist may be working from across the globe, you’ll feel like they’re just in the next room. Using secure remote access software, your medical billing VA can access your phone system and computer network from wherever they are in the world. This is how they can make calls from your office phone number to check on payments, send insurance documentation from your office email address, and work with patients without anyone ever knowing they’re sitting at a computer across the globe.

    The schedule of your medical biller is your choice. If you want your medical billing VA to work during your regular business hours, that’s great. Or if you’d like them to work overnight in your time zone so you can walk in every morning knowing all of your practice’s billing tasks were completed while you were asleep, that’s fine, too. Our medical billing virtual assistants are available to work whatever hours suit your practice best.

    Benefits of hiring a medical billing virtual assistant
    • Affordable– Medical billing virtual assistants cost about 1/3 of the salary of an in-house medical biller. 
    • Professional support – Don’t settle for hiring whomever you can find locally to help with your medical billing. MedVa has gathered the most professional medical billing VAs from across the globe for you to choose from.
    • Prevents burnout – When you can delegate all your medical billing tasks to a virtual assistant you can trust, you can reclaim your time and lower your stress level. 
    • Increases customer satisfaction – Customers who have their billing questions answered promptly and bills handled accurately are more likely to leave positive reviews and refer their friends.
    • Makes scaling possible – Been putting your growth on hold because you can’t find time to focus on scaling your practice? Medical billing VAs let you invest in what’s important instead of getting bogged down in billing tasks.
    How much does a healthcare billing virtual assistant cost?

    Physicians and medical practices in all specialties are turning to medical billing VAs because they’re so much more affordable than in-house employees and provide high-quality billing services for a fraction of the cost.   

    The average annual salary for an in-house medical biller is $22 an hour, or $45,760 annually, in the United States. But the cost to hire a virtual medical billing assistant is only $10 an hour. For a full-time employee, that’s a savings of nearly $25,000 a year! 

    With a medical billing virtual assistant, payroll savings is just the tip of the iceberg. When you hire an in-house medical billing specialist, you can expect to pay between 1.25 to 1.5 times their salary to cover benefits, as well. For example, an in-house employee with a $40,000 annual salary actually costs your practice between $50,000 – $60,000 each year once you factor in benefits like paid time off, sick days, holiday pay, vacation time, dental insurance, and health insurance. 

    But when you hire a medical billing virtual assistant from MedVa, the $10 per hour rate covers everything, so it’s easy to afford the help you need.

    You’ll work with the same medical biller every day

    How will you know that you can trust your medical billing VA to handle such important tasks for your practice? For starters, every one of our VAs undergoes an intense vetting process – that’s how we make sure we only hire to best. Secondly, you’ll get to know your medical biller personally because you’ll be working with the same person every day. 

    You may communicate with your medical billing virtual assistant as often as you like via chat, video calls, phone calls, and email. Maybe you’d like to start every day off with a morning check-in, or perhaps you’d rather provide your VA with an ongoing task list to manage and only check in when something is needed. How often you communicate with your VA is completely up to you.

    What happens if my virtual healthcare billing assistant doesn’t work out?

    If you’re not happy with your medical billing VA’s personality, reliability, or performance, just let us know. We will address the situation immediately and replace your VA with a different one right away.  

    Being able to fire or replace your medical billing virtual assistant quickly is another benefit of working with a VA. In the United States, labor laws can prevent you from easily firing an employee who is not performing up to your standards. In some states, it can take months and lengthy documentation to fire an employee without fear of a lawsuit. 

    Because our medical billing VAs work outside the U.S., they are not subject to U.S. labor laws. That means you can hire and fire without the headache.

    Medical Billing Virtual Assistants can help you grow your practice

    Dreaming of growing your practice? Want to take on more patients and increase revenue? The cost and hassle of finding high-quality medical billers often keep doctors’ dreams of scaling on hold. But at the low cost of only $10 per hour ($25 if the resident is in California), MedVa VAs are easy to hire and affordable, so you can scale when you’re ready.

    Need a Virtual Assistant for Medical Billing?

    No Need to Look Any Further

    Our Medical Virtual Assistant Founders & Experts:

    Dr. Steven Kupferman, MedVA’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, holds D.M.D. and M.D. degrees from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine, respectively, and he brings nearly two decades of experience in the healthcare industry. He is the founding surgeon of LACOMS, Los Angeles’s premier Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery practice, where he first pioneered the use of Virtual Assistants to optimize the management of his six doctor practice while simultaneously improving the quality of patient care. Dr. Kupferman and his wife, Danielle, reside in Los Angeles with their four children.

    Dr. Omid Shaye, our Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, is a graduate of the UC San Diego School of Medicine and brings his vast experience in administering back-office teams to MedVA. He is a co-founder of Gastroenterology Associates of Beverly Hills, one of the Beverly Hills area’s leading Gastroenterology practices, where he first pioneered the use of Virtual Assistants to optimize the management of his practice. He is the author of numerous journal articles and abstracts and has presented on a variety of topics both nationally and internationally. Dr. Shaye and his wife, Kelly, reside in Los Angeles with their five children.

    Exceptionally Low Rates. No Contracts.

    Our Medical Virtual Billing Assistants starting hourly rate is the minimum wage for your state with absolutely no hidden fees or setup costs. Our hassle-free, no-contract policy means you can cancel at any time. This eliminates risk to you and ensures our Medical Billing Virtual Assistants earn your business every day. The Healthcare Billing Virtual Assistants work your preferred practice hours.

    Same Person, Everyday

    You’ll work with the same highly vetted healthcare professional every day. Once you train your Virtual billing healthcare assistant in their specific workflow and your software (the same way you’d train an in-house employee) they are part of your daily team.

    HIPAA Certified & Security Training

    Our Virtual Healthcare Billing Assistants are instructed in IT security best practices and receive certifications in HIPAA compliance training. Our team checks that their computer hardware and anti-virus software meet our specifications at the time of onboarding.


    A sophisticated time-tracking software that allows our internal staff to carefully monitor web activity/mouse movement during work hours when the Medical Virtual Assistants are “logged in” has been installed on our Medical Billing Virtual Assistants’ computers to ensure they are being productive. We can provide you with summary activity reports from the time tracking software should you desire.

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