Dental scribing is a process in which the actions and words of a dentist are recorded and copied for later use. In years past, the only way that this was possible was for a dentist or one of their assistants to be in the operating room with the dentist and their patient for the sole purpose of taking notes. 

However, a virtual dental scribe from MedVA can watch or listen in on the dental visit via a secure, online connection. This allows for a feeling of privacy and security for the patient. It can be extremely time-consuming and costly for a dentist or dental assistant to perform scribing duties. Having a virtual dental scribe from MedVA perform these tasks is more cost-efficient and time-efficient. 

How the Virtual Dental Scribing and Transcription Process Works

Virtual scribing and transcription work because you have a visual or audio recording of each of your visits with a patient as the dental professional. This can be done live, or you can send the recording to your MedVA virtual dental scribe after the visit is complete. The virtual scribe will document everything about the examination, just as they were in the room with you.

Scribing your visits in this manner will allow you to maximize your time with each patient. It will also allow you to increase your patient number each day because valuable time won’t be spent updating your EMR or EHR.

Advantages to Having a Virtual Dental Scribe From MedVA

Having a virtual scribe from a MedVA document and transcribing visits with your patients offers several advantages to traditional scribing.

An increased feeling of one-on-one privacy for your patient

The importance of privacy and security for patients cannot be overstated. The more secure someone feels, the less stressed they are and the more likely they are to enjoy their dental visit. Eliminating extra people and onlookers from within the room will go a long way to ensuring that privacy.

You’ll get real-time EMR updates

You’ll no longer have to take valuable time out of your day to update your electronic medical or health records. This extra time will offer you more downtime and help you be at the top of your game for each of your appointments. No matter what your goal is in regards to saving time, a virtual scribe from MedVA is here to help. 

Prompt and thorough chart completion

You won’t have to worry about something slipping through the cracks by trying to document after seeing a patient. The virtual dental scribes at MedVA are licensed and qualified to provide you with prompt and thorough completion of each patient’s chart. 

A secure and private connection ensures your patient’s privacy

MedVA guarantees the privacy of your online connection to our virtual dental scribes. Whether you choose to go the route of a live, online connection to a remote dental scribe or choose to record and send a copy of the visit, MedVA will keep each patient examination private and secure.

HIPAA compliant remote dental scribe

All of the virtual dental scribing and transcription work done by MedVA is 100% HIPAA compliant. 

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