Let MedVA’s medical virtual assistant’s handle all your office tasks

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Virtual Receptionist

A virtual medical receptionist can seamlessly be integrated into your practice so your patients think they’re speaking to someone in the office. They can handle all the same tasks as an in-house receptionist including: receiving incoming calls, forwarding phone calls to your other office staff as needed, appointment scheduling and confirmations, insurance verification and prior authorization, prescription refills, emailing patients and other clerical tasks.

  • Answering the phones
  • Appointment management
  • Prescription refills
  • Insurance verification
  • Clerical tasks

Virtual Administrative Assistant

Streamline your office work with a virtual administrative assistant. Your virtual administrative assistant reduces the burden on your in-house employees by taking care of any administrative tasks your office needs completed.

  • Appointment scheduling and confirmation
  • Insurance prior-authorizations and verifications
  • Submitting medical records as needed
  • Receiving and updating EHR with medical history/test results
  • Credentialing
  • Any other task not requiring face-to-face patient interaction

Virtual Medical Scribe/Transcription

A virtual medical scribe updates your patients’ EHR/EMR in real time without compromising the private nature of the exam room. Simply have your scribe attend office visits via your computer (in a minimized window) or tablet, and they’ll discreetly listen in and provide documentation, all while the patient gets “one-on-one” time with you, allowing you to focus all your attention on the patient. No longer will you have to spend valuable time at the end of the day or on weekends updating your EHR/EMR. Or, send your notes to your transcriptionist after appointments, and they’ll update the EHR/EMR while you focus on other important tasks.

  • Real-time EMR updates
  • Secure, private connection protects patient privacy
  • Prompt chart completion
  • HIPAA compliant

Virtual Billing, Claims & Appeals

Our medical billing VAs are trained in insurance verification, claim submission, insurance pre-authorizations, medical billing, answering patients’ queries, and more. At a fraction of the cost of an on-site employee, you can increase efficiency while saving more money when a virtual employee does your billing for you.

  • Pre-authorization for treatments and procedures
  • Trained to handle patient billing questions
  • Keeps your payments up to date and accurate
  • Organizes financing or payment plans for patients

Integrating a Medical Virtual Assistant into your practice is seamless!

Today’s technology makes working with an off-site Medical Virtual Assistant simple, and your patients will never know that employee isn’t in the office! By simply downloading an application known as “VoIP” onto their smartphone or personal computer, your Medical Virtual Assistant will have an American phone number with your desired area code that’s seamlessly linked to your practice. Your Medical Virtual Assistant can answer the phone whenever a patient calls or make outgoing calls on behalf of your practice, just like any other in-house employee.

A Medical Virtual Assistant can very affordably help your office manage its call volume during regular office hours so you don’t upset your current/potential patients with long wait times or the dreaded answering machine.

When your office isn’t open, a Medical Virtual Assistant can provide cost-effective phone support to patients – giving them the attention they need on holidays, weekends, and evenings! Your Medical Virtual Assistant will triage urgent calls to you or your staff as directed, providing peace of mind to your patients, who know your practice is always there for them when an emergency strikes.