Medical Virtual Scribe Services

A virtual medical scribe from MedVA is the solution providers need to streamline medical documentation, reduce admin costs and free up staff time. It allows physicians and dentists to finally get back to engaging with their patients in the exam room versus being buried in their EHR keeping up with documentation for compliance.

Our virtual medical scribes join you virtually via a tablet or computer to watch or listen in on a doctor/patient visit online, enhancing privacy for the patient. Stay compliant, get your time back and improve patient engagement by implementing a MedVA trained medical or dental scribe.

How Does an Online Medical Scribe work?

Virtual medical scribing and transcription work because you have a visual or audio recording of each of your visits with a patient as the medical professional. This can be done live, or you can send the recording to your MedVA medical virtual assistant after the visit is complete. The remote medical scribe will then document everything about the examination, just as they were in the room with you.

Virtual Medical Scribes Services Make Your Life Easier

Scribing your visits in this manner will allow you to maximize your time with each patient. It will also allow you to see more patients each day because valuable time won’t be spent updating your EMR or EHR. If you don’t like the idea of having a virtual medical scribe join your live appointment, you can simply send them your notes of the visit, and they can update your records in this manner.

Advantages to Having a Virtual Medical Scribe Online or Transcriptionist from MedVA

Having a virtual medical scribe from MedVA offers several advantages to traditional scribing. Let’s go over a few of those benefits.

Remote medical scribes provide an increased feeling of one-on-one privacy for your patient

Without an extra person in the exam room scribing and documenting, your patient will feel safer and more secure. This feeling of privacy will offer each patient increased confidence in their ability to safely divulge private information. Some would be less apt to do this with an extra person present in the room.

Real-time EMR updates by virtual medical scribes

You’ll no longer have to take valuable time out of your day to update your electronic medical or health records. This extra time will offer you more downtime as well as the ability to see more patients. No matter what your goal is to save time, a virtual medical scribe from MedVA is here to help.


Prompt and thorough chart completion with online medical scribing

You won’t have to worry about something slipping through the cracks by trying to document after seeing a patient. The virtual medical scribes at MedVA are licensed and qualified to provide you with prompt and thorough completion of each patient’s chart.

Virtual scribe services offer a secure and private connection that ensures your patient’s privacy

MedVA guarantees the privacy of your online connection to our virtual medical scribes. Whether you choose to go the route of a live, online connection to a remote medical scribe or choose to record and send a copy of the visit, MedVA will keep each patient examination private and secure.

HIPAA compliant remote medical scribes or virtual dental scribes from one of the top virtual medical scribe companies

All of the remote scribing and transcription work done by MedVA is 100% HIPAA compliant.

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A virtual medical scribe from MedVA is the solution providers need to streamline medical documentation, reduce admin costs and free up staff time.


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Virtual Medical Scribes FAQs

Medical Scribing Online & Medical Transcriptions

What kinds of tasks can MedVA’s Medical Virtual Scribes handle in a healthcare office?

Our Virtual Medical Scribes efficiently manage real-time EMR updates, successfully complete medical charts, offer a secure and private connection for patients and are fully HIPAA compliant. If you so desire, they can even assist you with personal concerns.

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Can your Medical Virtual Scribes work in any type of medical or healthcare practice?

Absolutely. Our Virtual Medical Scribes can work in practices of all sizes and specialties.

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What training do your Medical Virtual Scribes have?

Each of our Medical Virtual Scribes receives a comprehensive training program established by our company’s founder to familiarize them with EHR/EMR systems, HIPAA compliance, security regulations, and best-practice remote working methods. Obviously, this is in addition to their healthcare training and experience. Although the majority of our Remote Medical Scribes are Registered Nurses, a few hold other healthcare-related degrees.

You will need to train your Remote Medical Scribe on the specific workflow to which they will be allocated in your office, just as you would train any new in-house employee with a good professional background.

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How will hiring our Virtual Medical Scribes improve my bottom line?

When you include in minimum wage, payroll taxes, and office space, our flat fee can save you up to 70% compared to the expense of an in-house employee. When you collaborate with MedVA’s Virtual Medical Scribes, you will also avoid the major legal risk associated with hiring an employee in-house in certain states.

In addition, utilizing a virtual medical or dental receptionist to answer your phone lines ensures that potential patients who call your office will not switch to another provider because they were unable to reach you. Doctors that utilize our scribe/translation service will be able to visit more patients per day due to the time saved by not having to update their EHR/EMR.

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What about HIPAA compliance and PHI security?

Our Virtual Medical Scribes are all HIPAA-trained and HIPAA-certified. At the time of onboarding, our staff verifies that the computer hardware and anti-virus software comply with our requirements. Clients should have their Medical Virtual Scribes sign Business Associate Agreements. Our organization is not required to sign a BAA because we do not have access to Patient Health Information.

Our Virtual Medical Scribes are located in the Philippines (with the exception of Spanish-speaking virtual assistants who are located in South America and are available upon request), where a large number of the country’s citizens are employed by U.S. companies, particularly U.S.-based healthcare companies. US companies and US-based healthcare companies are important to the Philippine economy and a major employer in the Philippines, so the Philippine government has enacted strict laws prohibiting Philippine citizens from disclosing confidential information in order to make US companies feel secure conducting business there. In 2012, the Philippine government established the Data Privacy Act, which is comparable to the HIPAA statute in the United States. The Data Privacy Act of 2012 gives coverage protection to U.S. firms that employ Philippine labor, while harshly punishing Philippine nationals who knowingly expose Patient Health Information of U.S. entities.

Please see here for more information about the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

Do the VAs really have exceptionally low rates? How do I pay for my Virtual Medical Scribe?

Yes, the hourly pricing for our Virtual Medical Scribe services are really affordable and include everything. You are not required to pay any setup fees or other hidden expenditures to MedVA. Your Remote Medical Scribe is paid the same rate regardless of the duties performed. Clients will be billed twice each month for services delivered within the previous two weeks. A client’s credit card number is kept on file for billing purposes.

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