Hire a Virtual Nurse Assistant for Your Practice

As labor costs and the amount of work nurses have to do keep going up, more and more people are using virtual nursing assistants to help solve these problems. Patients want to connect online, and their healthcare provider is no different.

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What do Virtual Nurse Assistants Do?

Nurses tend to have a high workload. Having a virtual nurse assistant can help relieve them of some tasks that can be done virtually.

Even though the cost of training a virtual nurse assistant for your practice may seem high at first, you will end up with a better relationship with your patients, a more cost-effective practice, and employees who don’t have too much to do.

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The Benefits of Virtual Nurse Assistants

Virtual nurse assistants help nurses in a big way and are also a great addition to your practice as a whole:

  • Better care for patients – When doctors are too busy, it can be hard for them to give their patients the full attention and care they need. These assistants can make sure that doctors use their time wisely and don’t waste it on things they could easily assign to other people. It is a waste of time to spend time on paperwork when you have patients who need your help
  • Improved workflow – It is very important to improve workflow if you want to make sure that your patients get the care they need and that you can help as many people as possible. If you hire nurse virtual assistants, you can give them administrative and management tasks that don’t require them to be in the clinic to help free up some of your expert time
  • Affordable, qualified staff – It is hard to find qualified people to work at your medical practice without spending much money. Most on-site workers can be costly because you have to give them all the benefits of a full-time job. In this case, it is best to get virtual help and save money for something that needs more attention
  • Medical data entry – All of your medical information needs to be correct, and if you rely on your nurses to do that for you, it might work out differently than you want it to. Your nurses already have a lot of work to do, and they can’t take on any more. Also, if they still give you the data, they might make a mistake, which can have very bad outcomes. Your virtual nurse assistant can take on this task to relieve your in-office nurses

Virtual Nurse Assistants Improve Employee Satisfaction

If you don’t have enough staff and need help with administrative tasks, you should hire a nurse virtual assistant right away. Virtual assistants can share the work, which will make your on-site employees less stressed. Your employees will be able to concentrate on their tasks and do the best work they can, and they won’t get tired, which will make sure that employees are happy.

If you want your loyal workers to stay with you for a long time, you need to make sure they are happy with you. This is a great solution to help your practice, as well as the employees you have there working with you.

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Veterinary Virtual Assistants

Veterinary Virtual Assistants now enable vets to have expert personnel in their practices, regardless of area or focus, at a fraction of the cost of on-site employees.


Virtual Medical Scribe

A virtual medical scribe from MedVA is the solution providers need to streamline medical documentation, reduce admin costs and free up staff time.


Remote Patient Monitoring

With remote patient monitoring from MedVa, your patients can receive professional health monitoring for a fraction of the cost.


Medical Billing Virtual Assistants

More and more physicians’ offices are turning to medical billing virtual assistants to help them run their practices and save more money. 


Other Virtual Medical Services

From virtual medical claims assistants to virtual medical scribes and virtual medical admin assistants, MedVA has you covered. View our other services.

Why Hire a Remote Medical Assistant?

Remote medical assistants help private practices all over the country save money, save time, and save the hassle. From managing medical billing and claims to handling the challenges of long insurance calls – Remote medical assistants are able to help you grow your practice all at a fraction of the price of an in-house medical assistant.

Medical Practices We Staff For

Cardiologist practices

Dermatologist practices

Endocrinologist practices

Family medicine

Gastroenterologist practices

Infectious disease practices

Internal Medicine

Nephrologist practices

Neurologist practices

Obstetricians & Gynecologist (OBGYNs) practices

Oncologist practices

Ophthalmologist practices

Orthopedic practices

Otolaryngologist practices

Pediatrician practices

Psychiatrist practices

Pulmonologist practices

Radiologist practices

And Many More!

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Our Medical Virtual Assistant Founders & Experts:

Dr. Steven Kupferman, MedVA’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, holds D.M.D. and M.D. degrees from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine, respectively, and he brings nearly two decades of experience in the healthcare industry. He is the founding surgeon of LACOMS, Los Angeles’s premier Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery practice, where he first pioneered the use of Virtual Assistants to optimize the management of his six doctor practice while simultaneously improving the quality of patient care. Dr. Kupferman and his wife, Danielle, reside in Los Angeles with their four children.

Dr. Omid Shaye, our Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, is a graduate of the UC San Diego School of Medicine and brings his vast experience in administering back-office teams to MedVA. He is a co-founder of Gastroenterology Associates of Beverly Hills, one of the Beverly Hills area’s leading Gastroenterology practices, where he first pioneered the use of Virtual Assistants to optimize the management of his practice. He is the author of numerous journal articles and abstracts and has presented on a variety of topics both nationally and internationally. Dr. Shaye and his wife, Kelly, reside in Los Angeles with their five children.

Exceptionally Low Rates. No Contracts.

Our Medical Virtual Assistants starting hourly rate is the minimum wage for your state with absolutely no hidden fees or setup costs. Our hassle-free, no-contract policy means you can cancel at any time. This eliminates risk to you and ensures our Medical Virtual Assistants earn your business every day. The Medical Virtual Assistants work your preferred practice hours.

Same Person, Everyday

You’ll work with the same highly vetted healthcare professional every day. Once you train your Virtual healthcare assistant in their specific workflow and your software (the same way you’d train an in-house employee) they are part of your daily team.

HIPAA Certified & Security Training

Our Medical Virtual Assistants are instructed in IT security best practices and receive certifications in HIPAA compliance training. Our team checks that their computer hardware and anti-virus software meet our specifications at the time of onboarding.


A sophisticated time-tracking software that allows our internal staff to carefully monitor web activity/mouse movement during work hours when the Medical Virtual Assistants are “logged in” has been installed on our Medical Virtual Assistants’ computers to ensure they are being productive. We can provide you with summary activity reports from the time tracking software should you desire.

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