A virtual medical receptionist for healthcare practices is a VA that can handle that critical initial point of contact moment for your medical facility. They can take on all of the same responsibilities of an in-house front desk person including incoming and outgoing calls, appointment booking and confirmations, rescheduling, insurance verifications, generally questions, and much more.

The remote call routing to your new virtual medical receptionist is seamless and your patients will have no idea that it is even occurring. We leverage VOIP phone software to allow your medical receptionist to receive incoming and make outgoing calls straight from your existing phone numbers and area codes.

What Responsibilities Can a MedVA Virtual Medical Receptionist Handle?

Our virtual medical receptionists are skilled professionals capable of handling a wide variety of tasks, including:

Answering the phones

Our virtual medical assistants will answer the phones just as if they were right there in your office. You can also say goodbye to those after hours or weekends answering services. Making sure patients are connected to the practice directly at all times so nothing slips through the cracks.

Making phone calls

When calls need to be made to patients due to scheduling conflicts or to offer test results, our virtual medical receptionists are happy and able to fulfill those duties.

Managing appointments

It can be challenging to manage the hectic work schedule of any medical facility. Our healthcare-trained virtual medical receptionists at MedVA can take that stress and workload off of your plate and make sure patients get booked efficiently.

Refilling patient prescriptions

Our virtual medical assistants are qualified and capable of refilling patient prescriptions or alerting the appropriate staff in your existing workflows to execute refill requests for they can be called into the appropriate local pharmacy.

Insurance verification

The headache of handling medical insurance verification for new or existing patients also falls into the wheelhouse of our virtual medical receptionists which can free up in-house staff for other duties.

Completing clerical tasks

MedVA’s virtual medical assistants can handle a wide variety of clerical tasks to reduce the workload of your in-person receptionists.

Why Do I Need a Virtual Medical Assistant from MedVA?

Whether you operate as a solo practitioner or manage a multi-location surgical facility, the first person that your prospective patients interact with are your receptionists. These individuals must be warm and welcoming and have a calming effect on your patients. It’s common for people to feel nervous or stressed out when going to a medical setting, and a friendly receptionist can mean all the difference in setting the tone for their experience.

By enlisting the help of MedVA, you make sure that your virtual medical receptionist is ready and available to assist patients in the office. There are few more distracting and frustrating things than when you’re being assisted by someone, only to have the conversation cut short or interrupted by phone calls.

A medical virtual assistant from MedVA gives your in-office medical receptionists the ability to be more present and personal with patients in your office. It will also save you money as you can reduce the number of medical receptionists currently working for you, because of the reduction in their responsibilities. MedVA will save you a ton of money, all while providing you with quality medical receptionists both in your office and virtually.

To find out all the ways that a virtual medical receptionist from MedVA can make your life easier and help your medical practice succeed, give us a call to make an appointment. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and explain exactly how the process works. Make an appointment today!

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